To envision, to create, to inspire positive social change.

What is In The Closet Productions?

In The Closet Productions is a small, socially conscious, production company ( a social enterprise) committed to uplifting, inspiring and helping others to overcome adversity, through the creation, promotion and distribution of inspirational music and art.

What is the overall purpose of In The Closet Productions?

In The Closet Productions is in the business of producing original music & art with healthy, loving, messages that draws awareness to important social issues, like the impact of childhood sexual abuse.

What is the concept for In The Closet Productions?

The concept for In The Closet Productions is that music and art can be used to uplift and inspiring those who have been and who may presently be going through adversity, to overcome it in a positive way.


In The Closet Productions mission is to reach people who are and who have suffered from trauma, like the impact of childhood sexual abuse, by sharing, Ingrid D.Johnson’s, story at public speaking engagements and our songwriting workshops. Creating quality Music and art ( soulfully written and performed original songs, books, short films/videos, live shows, and uplifting tours) that inspires victims of abuse to do more than just survive their past … to overcome it!

In addition to …

Being a viable, social enterprise, year after year.

And donating a portion of all sales made from our original music and art to organizations in line with our mission & vision.


“Childhood sexual abuse kills a child’s spirit in childhood. It wounds and confuses the soul in teenage years. It wreaks havoc in relationships & ripples through the survivors life in the adult years. It destroys every area of life, leaving many unable to fully cope with it’s devastating impact. While some unhealthy messages in the mainstream about power, love, respect and sexuality only inspire more misunderstanding, confusion, pain and heartache.” Ingrid D. Johnson


In The Closet Productions vision is to be a big bold “voice for the voiceless” in the Canadian and global music and entertainment industry. To be a successful, prosperous, well-established, social enterprise that produces original music and art that helps to promote healthy, loving, messages, all over the world. In addition to raising funds and awareness for victims of childhood sexual abuse and other forms of trauma.

What are other benefits of Supporting In The Closet Productions?

In The Closet Productions produces music with honest lyrics that uplifts, inspires, informs and entertains its listeners. Music with a social message. Music that is catchy and offers inspirational messages about life, love and relationships. Music that is more than just a “commercial” hit. Music that is timeless. In addition to producing quality books, films/videos, public speaking engagements, songwriting workshops, live music concerts and tours that also promotes the same loving, honest, inspirational, messages.



Ingrid D. Johnson is a Jamaican /Canadian poet, singer/songwriter, short film maker, and spoken word artist that found her voice, while writing and publishing her first book of poetry in July 2005. Inspired by her dream to be a successful artist that helps others who have been through childhood sexual abuse and other forms of trauma, Ingrid D. Johnson, decided to start her own production company, In The Closet Productions.

Officially launching, In The Closet Productions (on September 2009), as a business platform for her music and art ( “Black Butterfly” her spoken word CD (2006), three musical albums ( 2009, 2012, & 2015 ), several music videos ( 2011 – present), her short experimental spoken word film The Real Woman( 2007), Johnson hopes to make a mark on society, with In The Closet Productions, that cannot be erased.



In the past, we have made an impact on our local community through our fundraising efforts for KLINIC (2006), The Laurel Centre ( 2009) and Cancer Care Manitoba Foundation (2015). All the events incorporated the talents of several local artists in a live music production. Both KLINIC and The Laurel Centre, counsels victims of sexual abuse. While, Cancer Care Manitoba Foundation aims to eradicate a disease consisting of more than 150 types and stages. In addition to providing up-to-date information regarding treatment options, resources and services that are vital as patients and families make their way through the cancer journey, from diagnosis to treatment.

Through participation in a Black History cultural workshop in 2012, The Red Cross Respect ED; Power for the positive 2010 youth conference, 2013 Musicians for equal opportunities for women in music and 2013 Voices M.A.S.S.I.V.E. workshops for youths in care, we have donated our time and talents to help bring awareness to various important social issues.

In addition to all of the above we have attracted various local and national media coverage for our work and mission on CBC, Bravo! CJOB, U of M radio, CKUW radio, WNJR radio, Hot 103, Shaw T. V, CTV, Winnipeg Sun, and The Manitoba Status of Women’s 2011 government publication.

*** Be apart of our mission and vision by booking Ingrid D. Johnson for a live show, public speaking engagement, songwriting workshop or by buying a copy of our Books & CDs today!

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