December 2017

… The day all of my memories of being abused came flooding back was during a sexual education class in elementary school. I had blacked them all out … and then I was ” triggered”. I will never forget how much I cried and how alone I felt. I don’t want anyone to ever feel like that.

Hello! My name is Ingrid D.Johnson. I am a Canadian singer-songwriter, published poet, public speaker, short film maker and the owner of a small production company that creates music, books, live shows, speaking engagements and workshops that helps to draw awareness to important social issues, like the impact of childhood sexual abuse.

I started this fundraising campaign to raise funds for my upcoming project in 2018. A musical theatre project that will further explore the impact of childhood sexual abuse in an uplifting and inspirational way.

Click the link below to contribute:

Your contribution ( in any amount) will help me to cover the cost of producing, marketing and promoting my musical theatre production. In addition to paying some of my monthly expenses, as an artist.

Thank you in advance for your generosity and your much needed support.

Ingrid D. Johnson

In The Closet Productions “A voice for the voiceless”


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