In The Closet Productions makes music that entertains, inspires, and informs our audience. We care about making quality music, not just producing commercial “Hits”.

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Copyright 2016. All rights reserved. Songs by Ingrid D. Johnson & The Funky Fresh Crew



VISIONS AND DREAMS  by Ingrid D. Johnson & The Funky Fresh Crew 

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If you truly appreciate original songs, talented musicians, and unique singer/songwriters, this album is for you! A soulful blend of inspirational Jazz, Pop, Rock, R&B, Hip-Hop, Gospel, and spoken word songs that moves your feet and uplifts your spirit. With all my heart, I hope you enjoy them! Buy them and share them with everyone around you. Thanks in advance.”


“I’m Running” by Ingrid D. Johnson & The Funky Fresh Crew Feat. NDU. 2014 Copyright. All rights reserved. BUY the single on CD Baby today!

There is a story behind every song and someone’s soul crying out to you inside of the music. However, not every song speaks to every person. Some songs call to the wounded and some speak to the broken hearted and some songs speak in parables and some songs take a while to penetrate an audience. But all songs have a story … you just have to listen to the song … inviting you to be its audience.

– Ingrid D. Johnson – “… On the gift of Songwriting”


“Long After Your Gone” –  Ingrid D. Johnson & The Funky Fresh Crew. In the Closet Productions. 2014 © Copyright. A new single from our 2015 upcoming album “Visions& Dreams”.

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“What About Love?”

the debut singer-songwriter album by Ingrid D. Johnson 

2012 © Copyright. In the Closet Productions (778632905900)

Photo by James Adams / Graphic design by Erika Romualdo




“What about love?” is a fresh collection of songs written, co-produced, and performed by singer-songwriter, Ingrid D. Johnson, with musical production by her band “The Funky Fresh Crew”.

This album is Johnson’s musical debut as a singer -songwriter sharing her own struggles in relationships and the stories of those broken by bitter, social, injustice. All with an inspiring message to never lose faith in GOD’s true, unconditional, love that overcomes all adversity. It is an album for anyone going through a hard time in life. Anyone in need of hope, inspiration and encouragement. Anyone feeling lost and all alone in this world and without a friend to lean on. Anyone who has gotten lost on their journey, forgotten who they are, and that they are still needed, wanted, and truly loved. It is an album that ministers to the heart and soul.

Enjoy this diverse, musical, experience that offers a shot of wisdom and a taste of Jazz, Pop, Blues, Gospel, R&B, Reggae, and world beat rhythms. Sprinkled with a dash of powerful spoken word that is sure to touch your heart, inspire your soul, and even make you tap your feet & clap your hands. It is an album written with the heart of a poet, asking us all to ask ourselves this important question (in relation to all our our relationships)…”What about Love?”



“Ingrid D. Johnsonʼs voice is simple yet soulful.”


“Ingrid D. Johnson, based out of Winnipeg demonstrates that the

vocal jazz scene is alive and well the Great White North with her

smooth sounding voice that seems to mix a little Esthero, a tiny bit of

Amy Winehouse and a whole lot of soul.”  –Scribbles

“…a hybrid of popular music with spoken word with social action.”

–Greyowl Point

“With a vibe that finds it’s roots in 60s message music, Johnson

moves the sound from the church basement up to the main sanctuary

and rocks up a soulful message of hope through despair.”

–Midwest Record

” … Positive vibes permeate every song, even the sad ones,

on this ultimately uplifting disc.

Her sound is a soulful blend of pop, jazz, and hip-hop

supported by her band, the Funky Fresh Crew.

An individually talented group. The Crew has a good chemistry that gives the songs a real vibrancy.”

 – Broose Tulloch



In The Closet Productions makes music that promotes healthy messages and inspires people to overcome adversity.


We are committed to creating music that helps to spread awareness about important social issues.


We create songs with wisdom, songs that shares inspirational stories, flowing over creative and intriguing musical beats. This is how we believe great music is truly made – timeless music that survives and thrives, decade after decade.


We are committed to creating music that you can enjoy with your friends and family! Music that promotes love, peace and health to all.


“WOUNDED SOUL” Vol 1 & 2

(Released: September 12th, 2009)  

Cover Designed by Erika Romualdo / Original photo Denis Deroche.

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In The Closet productions premier compilation CD “Wounded Soul” Vol.1 & Vol. 2  (written, co-written, arranged, partially performed, and co-produced by Ingrid D. Johnson) embodies, Johnson’s intimate musical and spoken word journey through romantic relationships, self-esteem issues, and struggles with fear & finding faith, as an over comer of childhood sexual abuse. It takes the soul of a survivor from a place of  coping and just surviving to a place of overcoming.

This two year project fuses various genres of music, various upcoming Winnipeg vocalists and lyricists, and the production skills of seven talented producers from Winnipeg and Australia.

* A portion of the proceeds from each “Wounded Soul” CD sale will be donated to The laurel center & I.N. Network, until September.12th,2012. After that all proceeds will be invested in In The Closet Productions for a national/international tour.








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