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In the end, dear friend, it is always between us and God and never between us and them.”

― Mother Teresa 


Help me bring my next project to life by contributing to my ongoing fundraising campaign.

Every contribution made will help me to reach my goal for the new project budget and any extra funds will go towards the monthly expense of promoting, In the Closet Productions, and our plan to start a foundation for survivors of childhood sexual abuse.

When you make a contribution to my online funding campaign you can choose to be anonymous … or you can add your name to our campaign wall, as one of our backers. It is completely up to you. Just know that your sponsorship support is much appreciated, no matter what you decide.

Click the link below and make your contribution today.


Then … join my new Facebook page that supports and encourages people who have gone through childhood sexual abuse by sharing my personal posts, public quotes, videos and stories about coping with its impact. In addition to welcoming people who want to learn more about its traumatic impact.


Thank you for your wonderful support!

Please …

SPREAD THE WORD about this online fundraising campaign.

Thank you!



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