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“I am realistic – I expect Miracles”

― Wayne W. Dyer


Help us to really champion our cause by touring parts of Canada, The United States and also Overseas, sharing my story and original music.

 Help us to inspire and uplift people who have been through trauma/ adversity, like childhood sexual abuse. Help us to be … “a voice for the voiceless” by helping those who are, ” voiceless”, find their voice in our songwriting workshops for at risk youth and victims of trauma.

As a person who has lived in the child welfare system and who has gone through childhood sexual abuse and has suffered through its impact, I know what it is like to feel voiceless. I know what it is like to feel ashamed, alone, and like no one will ever understand what being sexually abused as a child does to you. That’s why I want to go on tour with my band, uplifting and inspiring at risk youth and people suffering from the impact of childhood sexual abuse and other forms of trauma.


Pledge your support today! Help us reach our goal to raise  $150,000.00 to help cover the cost of touring and other expenses.

** You can contribute funds ( in any amount) to our pay pal account. Just log on to PayPAL and contribute any amount you desire at:*

*** or buy copies of the album VISIONS AND DREAMS on CD baby for $15.00 each.

Other Ways You Can Help. You can book us for a live show  or me ( Ingrid D, Johnson) a speaking engagement. Also, feel free to share this website with everyone you think would be interested in sponsoring us and helping us to reach our goal.


Thank you for your wonderful support!

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